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Coming to Canada: Immigrating to Toronto as a .NET Developer

In January 2017 I immigrated to Toronto, Canada with my wife (a Canadian citizen born in Toronto). We met in Glasgow, Scotland where she was studying as an international student and after dating for a few years, we married in Edinburgh in January 2016. A year later we’d been told by the Canadian government that our visa application had been succ... Read more

Microsoft FrontPage: Revisiting the WYSIWYG HTML Editor in 2019

In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, before platforms such as WordPress and Squarespace offered non-programmers the ability to build websites, there were WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tools, one of these being Microsoft FrontPage. Microsoft FrontPage was one of the first major WYSIWYG HTML editors that you could install on your Windo... Read more

Best Practices for Writing Unit Tests in C# for Bulletproof Code

In my experience, developers have a love hate relationship with unit testing. I don’t know if some find it tedious, or some just don’t see the value in writing code to verify if other code works. I should elaborate. Unit testing is the art of writing code to verify if a unit of functionality in a software application is working the way it was i... Read more

Puppeteer Sharp: Crawl the Web using C# and Headless Chrome

Puppeteer Sharp is a port of the popular Headless Chrome NodeJS API built by Google. Puppeteer Sharp was written in C# and released in 2017 by Darío Kondratiuk to offer the same functionality to .NET developers. Puppeteer Sharp enables a .NET developer to programmatically control, or ‘puppeteer’ the open-source Google Chromium web browser. Th... Read more

Azure Logic Apps: How to use Microsoft’s Serverless & Codeless Integration Platform

Azure Logic Apps is a powerful serverless integration platform released by Microsoft in 2016. The definition of a 'Logic App' is open to interpretation (in my opinion), as the user defines what the Logic App is by integrating many different applications and services to accomplish their goal. No knowledge of code is required, and you only pay fo... Read more